Huge support database

We where thinking what the heck, we will tell you anything if you asked!

Thats why if you look in the top bar you will find something new to click on which is Support.

In there you will find our huge database og tanning documentation, we have more but its a little to unpolished to share we feel. But here is almost 9GBs of documentation, so there is a good chance if you have lost your manual that you can recover it there.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Hello I have a Prosun Supreme 24 110V Tanning bed that originally used 24, 62Watt Cleo Natural Lamps. The lamps are no longer available anywhere in the USA. They were made in Holland. The manufacturer told me that the 100Watt bulbs would work fine in this bed but that I would only get 62Watts from the 100Watt Lamps. Prosun makes a reflector lamp for the Jade 110Volt beds which I am considering purchasing. But I am also considering just buying 100Watt bulbs because I have reflectors already in my bed on top and bottom. I would like to know if I purchase the 100W or R120 Watt bulbs, if I should change the Ballast & starters or not? Non of them have been replaced because they all still work after 15 years of use. And what is your opinion concerning the reflector lamps versus the normal lamps? Or if you have any other suggestions on what I should do? Thank you!

    • says:

      Hi Pamela,
      I know you made this post ages ago, and sorry for the slow response, I wasnt aware of the comments here, sorry about that, and now I will attend to it.
      I cant think of a better person to ask then John Aycock from UV world, he sells Light source aftermarket lamps called new technology, its very few things they cant come up with
      John W. Aycock
      UV Wcid:image001.jpg@01CD293A.D93AE510rld, Inc.
      5510 Stadium Blvd. Jonesboro, AR 72404
      877.TAN.LAMP (826.5267) toll free
      870.934.1616 local or outside U.S.
      870.931.7867 fax 870.761.5051 cell
      Getting into replacing ballasts I question, I will certainly replace the whole tanningbed instead. They are inexpensive used.

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