Ergoline videos

A entire page dedicated to one brand could seem like favorism, but Ergoline have made so many models with so many different electronics, and therefore Ergoline and Soltron is the brand that has the most technical issues to be discussed. The look, feel and longivity makes this brand worth the hassle, but trust me there can be hassle.

The power can be converted from 3 phase to single phase on most Ergoline and Soltrons. Some of the Excellence 850 and Classic 650 can not, so for those a closer look is needed.

This video shows how to convert most of the Ergoline and Soltrons out there.

A super common problem on Ergoline and Soltron equipment is a defective fanboard. Error 40 and 41 is typically a indication of a faulty fanboard. We have another video on how to troubleshoot the problem. This video shows how to it, and its important to it correctly, doing it wrong could cost you lots of money, because other electronic boards got zapped in the process.

Cleaning and servicing the Ergoline Ambiton, Soltron Kiss or Soltron Flirt is not bad at all ones you have the tricks in place. Here is how to do it alone and very detailed.

Servicing and cleaning the Ergoline Classic 300 takes a little introduction, and here it is.






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