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This section is all about looking under the hood of these Tanning beds. Here I am giving my inside as a tech and business professionel of different tanning beds. Please write in the comments or contact us if you would like an inside scoop on a particular piece of equipment, we have seen many and with large interest and curiousity.

The Ergoline Opensun 1050 is super popular and we understand. Not without problems at all. Certainly keep the filters there is located on each column clear of dust. If these clog, the cooling gets restricted and your lamp life will be real short along with all the acrylics. And the bench acrylic is 1800 USD last time I checked, so give that bed space and cleaning. Here is first a light review.

The Ergoline Sunrise 480, the first succesful standup in Ergoline history. Still I have replaced many tmax timer boards on these, and fixed the lower part of the hinge of the door. Still I will claim this to be a great purchase, and the client will be pleased with the performance. The display can be a complex operation to handle, not quiet as intuitive as intended. Because of that I recommend getting the full audio solution, so that you will have the voice guide to tell you whats going on.

The Ergoline Passion, my mom said not to say anything if you dont have anything good to say. So first off sorry mom. Well its pretty and the tanning experience is really good when its working.

Acrylics are a total mess on most of these units, you need to make sure you get a model that has flat acrylics (not contoured) and supports going between the lamps, to assist the weight of person on the acrylic.

Expect to replace display/mainboard assembly at least ones which is expensive, and most likely the redundant timer which is not so bad.

Display will get response problems on the touch buttons, and a reset of the breakers in the panel is adviced, if the problem remains, you likely have a bad display/mainboard on your hands.

Springs are incorrectly dimensioned in many of these. This can be solved by adding weight to front of the canopy underneath the top skin.

But it is beautiful and tans very well, and so it might be worth it to you.

Ergoline Opensun 550 is a nice bling for the money, nice tan too.

What can bother some is the fact that is a 15 min tan, but you can run it as a 12min tan and no one will notice, most tanners are overexposing anyways, so this is essentially a favor.

The alarm system in the High pressure facials is for sure to give you some trouble some day, but all beds have an issue, so in all I highly recommend this bed. Now back to that alarm system, its the one where you reach your hand in and its warning you via voiceguide and a buzzer to remove anything from the highpressure facials. Originally its a painted silver layer on the 2 in each facial reflectors for the sensor. The surface of these just simply wear off and starts detecting constantly. I use small round mirrors from a craft store that i glue on there.


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