Here are some tanning bed repair videos of some reoccuring problems and questions I have seen in my many years of being a tanning bed technician.

Do not be afraid if you do not have electrical experience. Just use common sense of not touching electrical connections. Pay close attention to the video and watch the whole thing first, before starting the repair.

The majority of tanning beds on the market have technical issues. The beds in these videos are not partcularly problematic. They are chosen simply becaue they are popular units. Further, these beds give the tanner a great tan and experience. I like most of the equipment shown in the videos–technical issues or not.

All our videos on Timer systems like Tmax, Intellitan and Tantime, we have dedicated a page to by themselves. Look in the top bar and find Videos for Tmax, Intellitan and Tantime and click it. This is a section I strongly recommend to watch in advance before you encounter the problems. The reason is the timer system is the heart of the salon, so everything is likely stop if the salon software malfunctions, and therefore likely to cause a slight bit of hysteria that can block learning on the spot.


How to troubleshoot a lamp out– on a choke ballast system, which is the most common used way of running the lamps in a tanningbed. The video shows a way to identify the problem without getting confused. I myself used to get bewildred about what I have checked so far, and thats why I came up with a slow and steady road to success.


Tanning bed lamps or bulbs and how to make them last longer. If you have interest in saving money on lamps, you need to watch this. Most tanning beds I have encountered do not have optimal conditions to last. See what matters here:

The video below shows how to disinfect the acrylic effectively, with in this case lucasol.

Getting the mix of lucasol right is important, so it has the desired effect without giving a allergic reaction.

How to program a most Sundash or Ergoline timers. Sometimes the program can be messed up by the network, or simply if you are installing a new timer, you will need to know how.

How good is the old Sundash 232? Well I think its a tank but its not young anymore, watch the video to get some heads up if you looking to pick one of these up.






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