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Spray tan booths are extra demanding of your time. Because of water and the solution the enviroment is hostile to the technology inside. Thats why monthly service and frequent cleaning is a absolute must. A big part of the service work is fairly simple, and you can get the booth up and running quickly in case of most breakdowns.

Probably more important than having the booth not functioning is have it performing poorly, giving customers a bad experience with the result. Here is service key, and working with it, you are more likely to adjust the booth to better performance.

Monthly service for Mymyst and Mymyst HD is the most money saving tip for a spraybooth I can give you. During busy season step this up to a weekly thing. Particularly the heater will cost dearly replace, caused by a clogged intake filter.

In continuence to the monthly service, the compressor also need to be checked and serviced. Many times the compressor is placed out of the way and forgotten, but it can be a nasty source of problems with unstable pressure or water in the solution causing the DHA to run of the client and look bad.

Best thing you can do for your VersaSpa is to keep up with your monthly service. During the busy season step this up to a weekly thing, clogged filters can cause expensive breakdowns.

For the Mymyst and Mymyst HD and all to common repair is the drivemotor, many times cause by a dirty toothstrap due to lack of monthly service. Replacing can be a struggle, but I have developed a methode making it a delight.

The solution holders on the VersaSpa will get worn out and start leaking or become a struggle to get the solution clicked in correctly. This something very easy to do, watch the video.

In the VersaSpa each container of solution has its own pump. Expect to replace these ones a year or every second year. Typical indication is that one type of solution stops working, and when you open the solution drawer, you can see the pressure gauge by that solution is not moving like it normally would. Watch the video on how to replace one.

2 comments on “Spray tan videos
  1. Marie Bennetti says:

    Hi there Ken so glad l found your site. Would you know why my Versaspa isn’t spraying on the first pass? It sprays on the other 3 passes but not the front pass ( which is the first pass. I’m in Australia and can’t find a tech to help me. Also thanks to your video l now know l need a pump for my solution 3 as it had stopped working. I’m also having slide faults so at the moment l am unable to continue my business. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
    Kindest Regards Marie

    • smarthouseelectric@gmail.com says:

      Hi Marie, I apologize for not answering, somehow I didnt see your question got posted. Did you get it resolved?

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