Videos on Tmax, Intellitan and Tantime

We chose to dedicate a whole page to this topic, since there is so many of them.

Knowing your timing system is very wise to spend a little time on. This is the heart of the salon and a failing tmax manager can cause the whole salon to freeze and not able to set time. So this is something that can be quiet stressfull and I have seen a lot of easy to solve problems, by knowing some basics.

The most common timer control in the tanning industry is the tmax wall timer. It is fairly easy to connect but is intimidating to most. In this video I will show some general things and how to connect.

Continuing from the connection of the Tmax wall timer, this video is showing how to program it, and how easy it is.

Most people loose the key for programming the old tmax manager, thats why we have a video showing how to hot-wire this bad boy to enter without the key.

A super practical feature of the Tmax manager Pro is that you can read hours from the beds through it. This video shows how access that information right there from that one spot.

If you want to change delay time on the whole tanning salon in one quick process and you own a Tmax manager Pro, then watch this video. Delay time is the time the customer has from you send the time and until the session starts.

Very important video to see if you own a Tmax manager Pro, this is how to set time from the Tmax manager. Imagin your salon software goes down, and you have the lobby full of people that would like to tan, would it be nice to be able to send time anyway. Watch this video how to do it.

If you own a Intellitan CCS4 manager and would like to go Tmax instead, you wont need to go get a new manager. The hardware is the same on these 2, and just a matter of loading the software in for Tmax instead.

This video shows how to do it. This can also fix problems in a tmax manager to try and load a new software, its certainly worth a try before buying a new one.

So the buttons stopped working on your Tmax wall timer. Watch this video.

In this video I am going through how to program an Intellitan timer. These you will find on most Sundash equipment and the Ergoline intellitan timers. If you are going wireless only tmax works, therefore parameter 27 always needs to be set to 1.

How to program and set time on the old Tmax manager kan be a little complex to many and the manual can be hard to follow. Watch the video on how.

You can use a tmax wall timer to send time to another tmax wall timer or bed timer, like on an ETS, Ergoline, Heartland and many other brands with a Tmax timer inside.

This setup is called a master/slave setup, and is simply that the timer you will like to use for setting the time will be set as the master and the bed timer or wall timer in the room as the slave.

Watch how to connect and program this setup.

How to wire and program a Tmax system in a salon, is not super complex. With that said is generally done incorrectly by contractors and becomes a great stress factor in opening the salon. Watch this video if you are about to install a Tmax system and save yourselves a lot of heartache.

The Tantime wall timer how to connect and program. The Tantime wall timer has some very cool features that the tmax wall timer doesnt have, and the Tantime timer will work in a tmax system just as well.

With the Tantime wall timer you can change the session max time and it speaks Tmax, Intellitan and its own Tantime protocol. So these are very versatile, as a tech I liked to keep one of these on hand because its versatility.

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